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Dr. Pitts Gets Christina’s Smile Ready For Saturday Night!

OF COURSE CHRISTINA LOWE, MISS UTAH 2010, was already a beautiful, poised, confident and charming woman long before she became Miss Utah—and long before she became Dr. Greg Pitts’ patient. But over the recent 4-day competition that decided Miss Utah 2010, Christina stood out among the 54 talented contestants. And we’d like to think that her gorgeous smile had at least a tiny bit to do with it.

Dr. Pitts explains, Christina came to our practice as a referral from one of our team members. She already had a lovely smile, but we worked with her to take it to the next level with whitening, some cosmetic contouring, porcelain fillings, a crown, and a veneer. We’ve worked with the Miss Utah pageant in the past as well, but it was really fun working with Christina this time. She’s a charming young woman with a very engaging smile.”

After Christina was crowned Miss Utah, she said, “It’s exciting. It’s a lot to take in because I realize there’s a lot of responsibility. It’s a lot to carry.” Later, Christina added, “It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin. To be confident in who you are. You don’t need to try to be perfect. The best person you can ever be is your best self.”

Cheer Christina on during the Miss America broadcast on ABC!

Christina will compete for the title of Miss America this Saturday night, January 15th, on ABC television.

Here’s a fun little video to help you get to know Christina’s personality:


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