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Dr. Pitts Talks About TMJ

DO YOU EXPERIENCE JAW OR FACIAL PAIN? And if so, is it constant or occasional? Dr. Pitts and his team use considerations of the nerves and muscles in and around your jaw—and the correct positioning of your jaw—as part of your overall oral health. In addition to traditional dentistry, which is primarily concerned with the teeth, bones and joints, these extra points of consideration help with your care.

Our approach can help resolve painful conditions such as TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome), also referred to as TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) or MPD (myofascial pain dysfunction)—providing more comfortable and longer lasting solutions to related dental needs such as dentures and smile makeovers.

Your joints, teeth, nerves, and muscles all work together in the proper alignment and functioning of your jaw. When any part of this delicate equation is overlooked painful conditions such as TMJ and other serious dental problems can develop.

Dr. Pitts understands that the hard and soft tissues have a complex relationship, and he works to make that relationship harmonious. If your jaw is misaligned, many physiological problems can result, including:

  • Headaches/migraines
  • Jaw pain
  • Facial pain
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw joints
  • Sensitive and sore teeth
  • Worn or cracked teeth
  • and others…

TMJ disorder affects millions of people. If you have symptoms like those above, take a minute and make an appointment with Dr. Pitts. He’s happy to take the time to visit with you about how he and his team can help you with jaw and/or facial pain.

And, as always, thanks for being our valued patient and friend.

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