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5 responses to "Promotion"

  • sandy jensen says:

    This dentist and his staff. are so kind, professional, warm, helpful . you could not ask for more from a dentist.. !! Really one try and you will never go anywhere else again. there office is so warm, and beautiful to. and the gals make it such an easy time for you there. you really feel loved there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thankful for them and for my beautiful new smile.

  • sarah jensen says:

    im going to have my husband try them now.

  • Greg Pitts says:

    Thanks Sandy!!! We LOVE you too!!!! 🙂

  • Fred Bernhardt says:

    Greg is a great dentist, both professional and personable. His staff is terrific and I feel like a member of the “family” whenever i go there for treatment. If you’re not going to Dr. Pitts, you’re missing out!!

  • Sue Dredge says:

    Greg and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and take time to answer questions or concerns. You can tell that they really care. We would never go anywhere else. 🙂

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